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Sell a Property

Let Resource Inc. represent you as a seller’s agent.


Every property is unique, but so are the sellers and their objectives. As your resource for real estate, we want to truly understand your goals. We provide seamless support from pre-listing evaluation to settlement.


​As a seller's agent, we will:

  • Provide insight into how to best prepare your property for market

  • Help you set a competitive sales price with current market data

  • Create high-quality print & digital marketing materials to showcase your property

  • Guide you through the negotiation and settlement process representing YOUR interests


Whether you just have initial questions regarding the selling process, or are ready to list ASAP, we are here to help!


We happily provide property and land use consultation, regarding both residential and commercial real estate. 


When we represent YOU, the seller is the client and the buyer is the customer. Seller agency means your representation is legally obligated to provide you with the following fiduciary duties:

  • undivided loyalty

  • reasonable care

  • full disclosure

  • obedience

  • confidentiality

  • accountability

In short, the best interests of a client must come before all others. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Seller Agency
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